Equality & Diversity Policy...

ERA Healthcare is an Equal Opportunities Employer, committed to ensuring that the talents and resources of all our employees are utilised to the full. As such, the Organisation is committed to adopting; implementing and monitoring a Policy of Equal Opportunities for all employees to ensure a total absence of discrimination in the work-place and that equal opportunities do genuinely exist. The Organisation aims to provide a service to our service users, and employment conditions for our staff, which are relevant, responsive and sensitive.

Implementation and management of this Policy is the responsibility of the Domiciliary Care Services Manager.

Our objective is that there shall be no discrimination towards employees on any of the following parameters:

race/ethnic origin nationality heritage creed/religion/belief age
social class colour political belief disability marital status
parenthood sexuality trade union member employment status HIV status

In this respect, employees with disabilities will only be prohibited from positions where the job duties involve activities which would make it impossible or inherently hazardous to perform.

For employee recruitment and selection, to eliminate possibilities of discrimination or prejudice prior to interview, employment application forms do not include questions concerning race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, political affiliation, parenthood or sexual orientation. Thereafter, employee selection criteria will proceed purely according to the merits and abilities of the candidate to perform the tasks and duties listed in the relevant Job Description. Employee recruitment and selection procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that the elements of this Policy are maintained.

The Organisation provides facilities for any employee who believes that he or she has been treated unfairly within the scope of this Policy to address the matter through a documented and established Grievance Procedure.